9th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (BIOMAP 9)

The 9th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (BIOMAP 9) will be held at University Federico II in Naples, Italy, from 3 to 5 October 2022.

Atmospheric pollution is recognized as a crucial concern, also driven by the rapid growth of metropolitan areas, which worldwide is shaping terrestrial landscapes, where residential, urban and industrial activities merge into a complex patchwork of land uses. However, air-monitoring network are still poorly developed due to the high costs and application constraints. Moreover, the variability in air pollution patterns, underline the urgency to set up feasible methodologies targeted to extensive screening of air pollutants. In this respect, biomonitoring approach represents a useful tool to detect the presence in the air of inorganic and organic pollutants not routinely monitored by conventional devices. The objective of 9-BIOMAP is to share the main results obtained in the development and application of air biomonitoring methods to assess the presence of pollutants in indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, this meeting addresses the possibility of proposing all the standardized biomonitoring methods as tools to be transposed into the environmental policies for assessing air quality. The 9-BIOMAP will provide an opportunity for sharing knowledges among researchers, policy makers and practitioners in environmental sciences.

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